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fall decor

Happy fall.. or “autumn” to some!  Thought I would share some fall eye candy and show how it can be created on a budget.  Having said that… the bigger budget the better – ha!

Here is my front door.  I’ll tell you a bit about it before I go into everything that is wrong with it :)   Every year I try to get a variety of pumpkins.  I spray paint my pumpkins different fall-like colours.  I often will just spray a bit of copper on my orange pumpkins.  Id like to collect the fake ones from Michaels, but they are quite pricey.  So I buy 1 or 2 every year with my 40 or 50% off coupons…

Now, I know my display is a bit small scaled for my entry.  Remember what I was saying about what is wrong with it?  Ideally Id love some of those large scale Restoration Hardware black lanterns sitting there. “Sigh”.  Even a Superstore Lantern would suffice to match the small one already there.  Unfortunately at this time of year they all have skeletons on them – yuck!  Larger pumpkins too would be nice.  Like I said, you can create a gorgeous display on a budget, but the bigger budget the better :)

Monograms are always lovely – even on a pumpkin.  This is a pumpkin I collected last year from Michaels and drew our last initial on it.   I really do love it.

Now isn’t this a fun project:  One I haven’t had the energy for quite yet!  You’d definitely want a fake pumpkin for this one.  Wouldn’t want to see all your hard work rot at the end of the season!

And our front door wreath:   Ive had this for years.  Adding things as pieces have fallen off!  My favorite part is the feathers that Ive put on it… just for something different.


Another awesome DIY:  I love this wreath.  I am hoping to do 2 for my patio doors.  I’ll get back to you on that :)



And here are some vignettes Ive created in our house.  Mostly with things Ive collected over the years.  Sometimes Michaels will have fall foliage on a great sale, especially after Halloween.  Over the years Ive cut them and used them in different ways.  Plus at the grocery store you can pick up fall gourds and squash that fit with the scheme.  You can even spray paint them.  The gold mercury pumpkins I got at Homesense for $7.99 each!  I have a nice jar Id like to fill with candy corn, but I haven’t come across any in bulk yet.

Superstore has got some good buyers on their team!  I love all their owls.  Owls have been so big in decor this last year.  The large one pictured here would be a nice addition to my front door!

These pumpkins are from Pottery Barn.  I just love them.  You could fill a little corner of your house with them or put them at your front door.   FYI, this doesn’t fit into the “budget” category.  I bought some of these pumpkins from Roost for our church’s fall display.  They are stunning!  Also shown below are some more goodies found at Pottery Barn.  Their fall faux squash are like none other.  They put Michaels to shame.  But you pay for it too.  And what a lovely fall table setting!

I hope you’ve got some inspiration.  But if seasonal decor is something that you simply can’t or don’t want to tackle yourself for your home, business or organization, let us know.  We have packages available where we will come and take care of it for you, whatever season it is.  Christmas is a popular time to have a little extra help to bring seasonal cheer to your home or business.  We’d love to chat with you about it.

Check out the Inspired Rooms blog for more great fall decor ideas.

I always like to hear from you too!  Don’t forget to leave a comment.

Happy Fall!




Cottage Life #2

Well it seems that my blog doesn’t want to work, and Im not the person to make it work.  So, Ruby & Ink to the rescue!  They will be revamping my blog.  I plan to write more often and bring you some of my latest projects, and present you with the latest and greatest of the design industry.

So to end off my “cottage life” post, I’ll show you a few pictures from our summer at our cottage.  As I said in my last post.  I hope you all had a great summer making memories with your family.  If you’d like to follow me on instagram, you can search the username: grapevine_designs.  Dont forgot to follow ”Grapevine Furniture and Design” on Facebook where I post some of the great finds in my travels as a designer.

This is the octopus we caught in our crab trap.  This pictures show him swimming free

Island boys and captain Eston


Eli led a snake catching posse!  He kept them in the bucket.  Who knew one was pregnant.  We woke up to 2 more snakes in the morning.

Cottage Life

There seems to be a trend towards escaping the city for a slower pace of life during the summer.  Some escape to campgrounds all over BC, which was my summer fun growing up.  Days spent swimming and riding bikes, and evenings spent by the camp fire roasting marshmellows.   Others are fortunate enough to spend some time at summer house.  Either rented or owned.  If you own a summer home, its amazing for your kids to have a home away from home where they can grow up yearly and create life long memories there.  On the other hand, some choose to take that money and visit different places.  Exploring the world around us, and creating amazing memories that way.

My husband’s family has a summer home on a small island on the sunshine coast.  There are no roads, stores or distractions.  My kids get my full attention.   One of my favorite parts is exploring the sea life.  We have watched snakes swallow fish whole, fish give birth, barnacles, oysters, clams and starfish come to life in our salt water fish tank that hold all our findings.  We’ve caught eels, rock lobsters, octopus, and of course lots of crabs!!!  Since getting to a store is quite a chore, we plan our meals carefully and bring what we need.  Then we catch crab, and get creative with our menu.  I often take time to make extra special meals, ’cause, well I have the time.  Here are some of the fun things we create in the kitchen:







And speaking of the kitchen, here is the renovation we completed on the kitchen of the cottage a couple of years ago.  One of my favorite renos of all time: (do I always say that?)

This is the before picture:

This is the after picture:  As you can see we removed the hallway and changed the entrance to the bathroom.

Here is the drastic transformation of the family room:



This year we completed the upstairs:













Here are some interesting accents in our old cottage.  Some very old, some new.


























Interesting accent original to the cottage



All the trim and doors were replaced upstairs.  (It used to be dark brown plastic – yuck)  And the carpet upstairs was also replaced.



Where ever you spent the lazy of days of summer I hope you and your family created amazing memories, and had a wonderful summer.  Here is a few instagram pics of our summer.  If you want to follow me on instagram search the username: grapevine_designs.

This is the very large, very ugly octopus we caught in our crab trap.  He is pictured here swimming free!

These are Eli’s snakes that he caught (with the help of his island snake catching posse).  One of the snakes gave birth!

Furry Finnigan cooling his belly on the rocks


Island boys and captain Eston


Vancouver – finally in the running

Although Vancouver is considered to be a “metropolitan” city and undoubtably one of the most beautiful in Canada (maybe even North America), we have been severely lacking the retail giants of our neighbor, the US.   This fact is slowly but surely coming to an end!  As many of you know, half of the Zellers in Canada are to be transformed into Target in 2013!  Hallelujah!

Another exciting addition is Anthropologie.  Their store opened in May on South Granville in Vancouver.  Creators of unique and often “bohemian” inspired clothes.  But also cute and unusual home decor items and hardware.   Often you’ll see vintage replicas as part of their home wares.  Dont expect bargain basement pricing, but if you are looking for an interested piece or two, this is the place.  One of my favorites is this playful owl cookie jar.  Would love to see it on my shelf!

Crate and Barrel is going to be a welcome addition to our selection of retail housewares stores too.  With their modern esthetic and large selection, you’ll be sure to find what you are looking for.  The store is suppose to open this year in the Oakridge shopping mall.

Their talored style is lovely.  But they also have a great selection of housewares.  For a long time now I have been eyeing this set of 12 appetizer plates.And the most exciting news of all….  West Elm is also coming to South Granville this fall.  Not unlike Crate and Barrel, they have a modern, sleek esthetic.  With many styles to choose from.  This is a great place to buy ready made curtain panels that will almost always be less money than custom.  And gorgeous area rugs!

They have a fresh youthful and unique approach to their products.  Some of their lighting is simply stunning!

Well, I just thought I would bring you up to date in my world of design.  Looking forward to a busy fall.  Hoping I can hit some of these new stores for my clients… and myself!

Dream Guest Rooms

Of course the jobs where I am given some creative freedom are the best.  This client had some specific needs, and wishes but allowed us to take off from there.  She had some bedrooms in need of an update and the bathrooms as well.  Our trusty contractor Joele from DMC construction was on board to help us achieve our goals.

In our initial discussions I noticed the old large headboard in one room didn’t fit the bed.  Initially I thought it was meant for a king, but there was a post in the middle of the headboard.

It donned on me that back in the day, it wasn’t uncommon for twin beds to be in a master bedroom.  So I came to the conclusion that it was meant for 2 twin beds.  The owner felt it would be a good idea to have 2 twin beds in one of the three guest rooms,  so we painted it a cheery yellow and put it in a different room:

The night stands and armoire are from Redford House.  One of my favorite suppliers!  The make-up console was made from 2 corbels  I bought at Homesense and painted.  Joele then mounted them on the wall and we put a piece of beveled glass on top.  The chair was another Homesense find that I had recovered in a yellow trellis fabric that matches the bed skirts.  I removed the blinds and framed the windows in a gorgeous grey and yellow damask.   You can see the same in the office of Sarah Richardson on the set of her show “Sarah’s House”.  The light is one of my favorite that I have used before.  It is from Robert Abbey

This room was an office that was changed into a guest room.  I liked the idea of having a different feeling for each of the rooms.  This was a very masculine room to start off with, so I thought I would keep it masculine with a fresh twist.  The fireplace was never used, as the room would be far too hot!  So I had Joele remove it.  Of course the lighting had to go too!

The bed, nightstands and dresser are from AP Industries.  The lamps and chairs again – a Homesense find.  Most of the fabrics are from Robert Allen.  The art were current pieces the owner had, as well as the roll top desk and chair.


Now for the Master guest suite.  After a recent visit to the Savoy Hotel in London, the owner wanted a old world boutique hotel look in purple and green.  We had Joele do the wall paneling, and move some lighting around.  We had two chairs from VanGogh upholstered in a Robert Allen fabric. I designed the bed and had Surrey Upholstery make it.  It turned out beautiful – as always with Surrey Upholstery.  The night stands and dresser, again, Redford House – luv luv!!!  The chandelier:  Design Lighting.  The drapery fabric is from Maxwell fabrics.




Its important to note in this bathroom that I chose to remove part of the wall in the bathroom that enclosed the bath/shower.  I have done this numerous times in a bathroom reno.  It totally opens up the feeling of the room.  Totally worth it.  The vanity was custom made.  The hardware on the vanity is from Restoration Hardware.  I have to say, Restoration has the best hardware!!  The mirror – a Homesense STEAL!.  The lighting is from Design Lighting


And last, but not least is the main bath on the upper floor.  Unfortunately I don’t have a before picture.  Which is priceless considering the matching powder blue toilet, sink and tub!  I convinced the owner to nix the tub and put a lovely shower with body sprays. (not pictured).  The vanity is custom with Restoration Hardware.  The wallpaper is from Crown.  The lighting is Robert Abbey.  The flooring looks like wood but it is tile.  Its my favorite element of the room.  It looks like it has been cut along the end grain.  It is from Olympia.

These are some of my all time favorite rooms.  Im so grateful to have had the opportunity to design them.  Thanks to all our supplier.  My trusty workroom at New Accent Window Fashions sewed all the drapes and bedding, and did a beautiful job!

Last Few Pictures

I promised to post the last few pictures of my house.  So here they are.  There are a few of the kids rooms.  I didn’t “decorate” them much.  They used their furniture.  We wanted Svea to have a special room.  The boys have a sports court outside, a media room for video games.  So, Svea got a lovely big room.  Her own bathroom and a window seat for the hours she spends reading.  She has a ledge high above her bathroom and closet (not shown) and we hope to install a library ladder for her and all her books!  Svea has a custom upholstered bed along with some lovely pieces from the MaryKate and Ashley collection of  AP Industries.  Her massive light is from IKEA.  And yes, it was hard to install!

Eston’s room has a vintage hockey vibe.  He loves to hang Canucks posters, so I have one wall painted with magnetic blackboard paint, so that he can hang his pictures.  I think he was the most excited of the kids about his room.  Eston’s room is full of repurposed vintage furniture.

Eli got a robot room.  I hope to include more industrial pieces soon.  I also have fabric for drapes waiting to be sewn!  Eli’s furniture is Young America from Stanley Furniture.

The boys share a bathroom.  I designed the vanity to give it a changeroom feeling.  I really love it.

Here is the home of Grapevine Furniture and Design.  I ran out of energy here.  This will one day be my favorite room – I know it!  Right now it is messy and bare in places.  The pictures were taken just before we were to dress a client’s room.  So you can see some navy chairs in the second picture that don’t belong!  The angled ceilings provide such character, but make furniture placement very difficult.  I am hopeing to add a white sofa for afternoon naps!  Ha!  Maybe tea with a client.  The table and chairs are from my old dining room suite.  I had them painted and then I upholstered the seats in a fresh new fabric.  The chandeliers were from Home Depot.  I spray painted them grey.  My desk I originally bought on  I took the top off and reconfigured it and had a new top made – voila!


I call this the gentleman’s room!  I love how it turned out.  My husband can work on his computer, have the hockey game on mute while listening to the kids practice piano.  All in a perfect world!   Ron especially loves that when you drive up to the house you can see the picture of Kramer in the window!


These are my lovely barn doors that hide the mess of my pantry.  They are much prettier to look at!


And the powder room….Im thrilled with the wallpaper.  The powder room is a great place to do something daring.  The vanity was a night stand fitted into a vanity.  It is from Redford House, one of my favorite suppliers!lkjhlkjh

This is the drive up to the house.  The lot has a creek running through it which created some challenges.  Thus the lot was cheaper and were happy to rise to the occasion!  Now, I LOVE the drive up to the house.  At night we have a few lights running up the driveway, and it all looks so pretty.


This is our back yard.  It is amazing what a month will do.  When these pictures were taken, spring had not yet sprung.  And it looks a little bare.  It seems Spring has still not sprung, and it is almost summer.  But, we are still enjoying our yard.  I can’t keep the kids out of the pool, if it is heated or not!  Looking forward to many backyard barbeques.

Well, there you have it folks!  Now Im sick of writing about me.  Im so looking forward to sharing with you my next post!  Some of the most beautiful rooms Ive decorated.  Do I say that about all of them?  Well, trust me on this one.  Im so pleased with how they turned out!



Final Reveal

I love, love, love….. my new home.  I feel blessed yet totally unworthy of it.  Im thankful my husband agreed to it, and excited my kids get to grow up here.  And yet it is just a home, and my true joy lies in the people I share it with.

Here are some pictures that were taken by my talented friend of Redhanded Photography.  The first pictures are of the great room where we truly live.  I designed the house in a way that all the mess stays out of the main living area, and is contained in the basement, or mud room.  So far this is working really well.  I find the house quite easy to keep tidy.  It helps that everything has a place to go.

This was one of the first pieces I designed.






Here is how it turned out:  I am thrilled with it.  I laboured a long time over the tile.  It was a less expensive version of what i really wanted.  I really stressed over the “cracks” in the tile.  But you don’t even notice them.  And it adds to the natural look of the stone.


The butcher block on one of the island is a perfect spot to place all my veggies, wash them and cut them up.  Then all the scraps can go down the garborator in the sink.  It is very practical.


This is what the kids call the “computer lab”.  It is a space off of the kitchen for the kitchen to do their homework or play on the computer.  It is also handy for me to check my email or look up recipes. The budget ran out in this room, but I am thrilled with the results.  The floating shelves were super cheap at Home Depot.  The drawers again, a great deal at IKEA.  I had wanted solid surface countertops in here, but we ended up with butcher block from IKEA which was a fraction of the cost.  This room overlooks is bright and cheery and overlooks the pool and covered deck.  The kids are close by so that I can moniter their computer use!


Our sanctuary.  I didn’t really think we would spend much time in here until our kids are older and take over more of the house with their friends.  But once the kids are in bed, and their backpacks packed… we end up in bed reading or watching tv.  We love this room.

It was important that our closet was seperate from the bedroom so that when one of us gets up early or goes to bed late we don’t disrupt the other by coming in and out of the bedroom.  So everything is stored either in the bathroom or closet.  Ron even came up with the idea of having an exit from the closet to the hall so that once up you never have to go back into the bedroom.  Can you tell Ron doesn’t like his beauty sleep disturbed?

Living Room

Dining Room

The utility rooms:  So important!

Kids side of the mud room:

Our side:

So there you have it.  A few more rooms to show you.  But you I figure I’ll do another post – this one is getting long!  Hope you enjoyed the peak into our home.



I have been working on 2 fun projects with the best clients ever!  I can’t wait to share the pictures of their homes.  I also had my new home professionally photographed by Redhanded Photography.  Can’t wait to share those too!  My dear Debbie and I have been tirelessly coming up with new systems for tracking expenses, book keeping and all around managing the office.  I think we are succeeding.  I recently provided a detailed expense sheet  for a client almost effortlessly!  Its not a secret that sometimes creative people can be a little unorganized or not really ontop of the money part of the project.  I haven’t been able to afford to not stay on top of it, but we are much more efficient now!
Ive been putting the final touches on the current rooms I am designing.  Often the final touches include art.  My house is completely full of art from Homesense.  What great value!  As soon as I have a chance though, I am going to add to my collection with some original art by my friend Stephanie of Lulu and Drew.
Enough of all the jibjab.   I know you want pictures… ideas!
This is the picture on the from of my facebook page.  It just makes me happy.  The arrangement above the bed is great.  Very A-symmetrical.  Very textured and interesting.
This picture showcases an amazing collection
This one is much more symmetrical, but just as effective.
This one is a display I had in my previous home:
I love this display surrounding a TV.  TV’s are not the prettiest features of our homes, but if your husband is like mine:  the bigger the better.  We just have to make it work.  This home owner took the attention right away from it.  I love it!
This is really interesting.  A show stopper.  Would be lots of work to do, but well worth it.
The purpose of the art below is to fill a very large space above a very short headboard.  I just think it misses the mark.  I think the spaces between the pictures are too big, and they don’t connect. You should usually keep the gap between the pieces 2 to 2.5 inches.
If you have a piece of art that may be too small for a wall, and hang it low enough, it makes it almost look connected to what is underneath it.!  One of the most common mistakes a home owner can make, is hanging their art too high!!!  One designer has said that 63″ on center above the floor is a perfect viewing height for most pieces.  I think that you should be able to look right into the centre of the art.
Now how do you hang these puzzles on the wall?  Here is what I did in my office:  I laid it out on the floor and arranged it how I wanted it.  Then I take scrap paper and make them the size of the pictures.   Use painters tape to attach the paper to the wall.  Get it just how you want it.  You can mark on the paper exactly where the nail should go.  Then you can nail right through the paper, make sure the picture is right where you want it, and then tear the paper down.
Two very fun trends right now – both on the same wall!  Ive always turned my nose up when my husband suggested hanging something he’d shot on our wall.  Now he’s a bit bitter its so fashionable and I want to consider it again.

I have been searching endlessly for some art to fill some very specific spaces for 2 different clients.  I have been looking at

All Posters online.  They have an endless selection, and it is very good value for your money.  They ship in just a couple of days.  I just bought some frames from Homesense, took out the art, and I am replacing it with the posters I bought online.  You can also commision a local artist to paint the perfect piece!
Here is a fun idea if you are thinking of creating something yourself.  A butterfly punch and a bunch of scrapbooking paper.  Voila!
I absolutely love this one.  Scrap pieces of fabric stretched over embroidery looms!  Brilliant!
I have to be honest:  I almost didn’t share this one.  Thought I would be selfish and keep it all to myself!  But alas I love you all too much.  This is the cutest thing ever.  Scan in your kids’ art, and then print them out in a thumbprint format.  I just love it.
And last but not least:  Wall decals.  They are so fun.  This is one of my favorites.  It describes my boys perfectly.  When choosing a wall decal, choose wisely.  Some can be pretty tacky.  Try Urban Walls.  A few of my friends know the owner of this growing business.  She is a very stylish person and makes amazing wall decals!
On to other things….
Just another quick peak of a major reno I worked on in North Vancouver.  This awesome family added a third floor into their home and lived to tell about it (barely) Ha!
The bed is Stylus and the night stands are my favorite – from Redford House.
Im just waiting for the pics of my new house, and I’ll be sure to share.  So stay tuned for my next post!
See ya

New Year, New Staff, New Proceedures

There are a few exciting things happening in Grapevine Furniture & Design this year!  We are growing and expanding.  Our new office is being well used and thoroughly enjoyed.  Debbie Veronesi has joined my team as my office manager.  She has agreed to take on the daunting task!  I am married to a CA, and I can tell you that my business is very complex when it comes to tracking the ins and outs of this office!  Together we have come up with new proceedures for book keeping, ordering, managing trades, quotes and keeping the client well informed!  I have felt chained to my desk instead of doing what I do best – designing.  That is all changing now thanks to Debbie.  We are now invoicing the first and middle of each month.  We have a new letter for clients, trades and a new mission statement:

At Grapevine Furniture & Design we offer our clients great value on furniture & accessory purchases and design services.  We rely on
experience, expertise and true integrity to complete projects with consistently pleasing results.

I am getting around to taking pictures of completed projects and hope to show you those soon.  One such room is this family room.  The client was excellent a knowing what she wanted and scouting out Homesense regularily.  I helped her with the built in furniture on either side of the fireplace from Coastal Woodcrafters.  The comfy sofa and ottoman are from Moss Studio.  This sofa is feather filled and super comfortable.  I also comes in a slipcover that allows you to wash the cover – which is brilliant, especially if you have young kids!  The tables are from Redford House.  One of my favorite new suppliers!


Here is another piece that I love from Redford House:


I wanted to talk to you about a major trend that Ive been noticing.  The “retro-trend” has been happening for years now, but I am really noticing it more.  Especially with 60′s design.  I recently had the priveledge to visit a famous home built in the 50s and 60s.  It has been preserved in its original state and I was shocked to see many elements that we are seeing in contemporary design today:

This chair for instance.  Straight out of the past, but a total  current design that we would see in contemporary homes today.

This light was installed in probably the 60s.  It is so similar to something I just put in my new home.  Plus if you notice the wallpaper:  It is in a chevron pattern, which is so popular now.  And the paper is on the ceiling.  This is something that aparently was quite common back in the day.  I just wallpapered the ceiling of my dining room!

The picture above is from the most recent edition of House Beautiful.  I think my new favorite magazine!  I just love the feeling of most of the rooms they feature.  The room above is just screaming 60′s.  But I love it!


This week I have set up an account with a new fabric supplier that has a great selection of quality fabrics and an excellent price point.  I also have discovered a new outdoor furniture supplier:

I continue to have great success with another of my suppliers of higher end outdoor furniture.  Their quality is unsurpassed!

We continue to add to our list of suppliers weekly.

I am excited about the coming months at GF&D.  We’ve got some very fun projects finishing up that I can’t wait to share with you!


‘Tis the Season

As promised I am going to talk a bit about Christmas decor.  It is one of my favorite things.  This year it was a bit of a challenge in my new home.  Especially because we had rats get into our storage and make nests in my artificial Christmas tree and some decor:(  So, just when I am not wanting to spend money on Christmas decor, that is exactly what I had to do.  One good thing that came out of it was the tree I got from  It is a 10′ tree with LED lights.  The LED is what sold my husband on the tree, but made me very nervous.  Ron HATES trying to figure out why strings of lights are not working, and apparently the LED are way more reliable.  I was relieved to see that the lights are not “fluorescent” looking.  They are a nice soft white.  Plus Ron pulled a light right out of its socket and the rest of them stayed lit!  This tree is so realistic that people can be touching it and still can’t believe it is fake.  I just bought a “fresh balsam” candle from Bath and Body Works to make up for the lack of scent.

I would love to have the perfect “designer” decor, but I try and make sure the kids get to have their ornaments on the tree, and their special creations displayed throughout the house.  Each of the kids have a 4′ tree in their rooms for their creations, and I have put their ornament with their pictures (and painted macaroni) on my main tree so that I can cry every time I look at it how small they once were!  Svea’s handprint wreath still hangs.  I even have a mat that I stitched in kindergarten, and the plastic gingerbread house from my Grandma’s Christmas decor.  It can all be worked in without looking too tacky.

I have framed Svea’s first Christmas List from 2007.  She was in grade 1.   Here is the interpretation:

Svea’s Christmas List

Canucks Jersey

Hockey Cards

A by myself craft bake mix for my play oven

A webkinz

A golden retriever

and some jewelry.

Thanks is my Christmas List

I have however put the star from our previous tree to rest. It was a picture of a Trevor Linden & Kirk MacLean…












I don’t know how well you can see it, but I bought 2 frames from Michaels (on their 30% off sale) with 6 pictures each.  I have 10 Santa pictures of my kids now.  I have displayed them all.  It is so amazing to see how they change every year!







I needed a way to fill up this huge tree, so I bought this wide candy stripe ribbon from SuperStore. Its important with ribbon not to just wrap it around the tree. But make sure that it twists and it attached to the branches. Although this is a pretty tree by a fancy designer, I hate how the ribbon is so “flat” on the tree.









My brightly coloured family room tree used to be my small tree, but now it is 10′.  I love the look of large ornaments on a tree – especially a large tree.  I couldn’t buy all new ornaments, so I clustered some of my old ones to make 1 large ornament.






I love pretty wrap.  The rats made nests in the tubes of my paper, and then died inside them.  So, I have new wrap this year!  Here is an inexpensive way to festively fill up a space at Christmas.  As you empty your Christmas decor rubbermaids, you should be filling them with your “rest of the year” nic nacs.  This way your home doesn’t become too cluttered.


I love filling jars with cheap ornaments.  So pretty:














My living room decor is my favorite, but we didn’t do a tree there this year.  You’ll have to wait until next years post.  Here is what I managed to put together in that room:

I wasn’t sure where I was going to put my sock advent calendar in this house.  Then I remember that at Christmas 3M hooks are my best friend.  Here is what I came up with:

When the kids were small(er) I collected some of their Christmas socks, and then when to Old Navy and bought a pack of Christmas socks.  I buy a few treats, and use some leftover Halloween candy and fill the socks.  There is one for every day of december until Christmas.  It is a highlight for the kids.  (Just don’t tell them I use some of their halloween candy!)






Another tip for fun Christmas decor is feather boas!  You can wrap them around foam cones to make trees, or around foam wreaths like Ive done here:







Thanks for reading this long post!  This Christmas as we celebrate the miraculous gift of Jesus, may we share with others the Joy that knowing Him brings.  I wish you all the Merriest of Christmas’!