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I have been working on 2 fun projects with the best clients ever!  I can’t wait to share the pictures of their homes.  I also had my new home professionally photographed by Redhanded Photography.  Can’t wait to share those too!  My dear Debbie and I have been tirelessly coming up with new systems for tracking expenses, book keeping and all around managing the office.  I think we are succeeding.  I recently provided a detailed expense sheet  for a client almost effortlessly!  Its not a secret that sometimes creative people can be a little unorganized or not really ontop of the money part of the project.  I haven’t been able to afford to not stay on top of it, but we are much more efficient now!
Ive been putting the final touches on the current rooms I am designing.  Often the final touches include art.  My house is completely full of art from Homesense.  What great value!  As soon as I have a chance though, I am going to add to my collection with some original art by my friend Stephanie of Lulu and Drew.
Enough of all the jibjab.   I know you want pictures… ideas!
This is the picture on the from of my facebook page.  It just makes me happy.  The arrangement above the bed is great.  Very A-symmetrical.  Very textured and interesting.
This picture showcases an amazing collection
This one is much more symmetrical, but just as effective.
This one is a display I had in my previous home:
I love this display surrounding a TV.  TV’s are not the prettiest features of our homes, but if your husband is like mine:  the bigger the better.  We just have to make it work.  This home owner took the attention right away from it.  I love it!
This is really interesting.  A show stopper.  Would be lots of work to do, but well worth it.
The purpose of the art below is to fill a very large space above a very short headboard.  I just think it misses the mark.  I think the spaces between the pictures are too big, and they don’t connect. You should usually keep the gap between the pieces 2 to 2.5 inches.
If you have a piece of art that may be too small for a wall, and hang it low enough, it makes it almost look connected to what is underneath it.!  One of the most common mistakes a home owner can make, is hanging their art too high!!!  One designer has said that 63″ on center above the floor is a perfect viewing height for most pieces.  I think that you should be able to look right into the centre of the art.
Now how do you hang these puzzles on the wall?  Here is what I did in my office:  I laid it out on the floor and arranged it how I wanted it.  Then I take scrap paper and make them the size of the pictures.   Use painters tape to attach the paper to the wall.  Get it just how you want it.  You can mark on the paper exactly where the nail should go.  Then you can nail right through the paper, make sure the picture is right where you want it, and then tear the paper down.
Two very fun trends right now – both on the same wall!  Ive always turned my nose up when my husband suggested hanging something he’d shot on our wall.  Now he’s a bit bitter its so fashionable and I want to consider it again.

I have been searching endlessly for some art to fill some very specific spaces for 2 different clients.  I have been looking at

All Posters online.  They have an endless selection, and it is very good value for your money.  They ship in just a couple of days.  I just bought some frames from Homesense, took out the art, and I am replacing it with the posters I bought online.  You can also commision a local artist to paint the perfect piece!
Here is a fun idea if you are thinking of creating something yourself.  A butterfly punch and a bunch of scrapbooking paper.  Voila!
I absolutely love this one.  Scrap pieces of fabric stretched over embroidery looms!  Brilliant!
I have to be honest:  I almost didn’t share this one.  Thought I would be selfish and keep it all to myself!  But alas I love you all too much.  This is the cutest thing ever.  Scan in your kids’ art, and then print them out in a thumbprint format.  I just love it.
And last but not least:  Wall decals.  They are so fun.  This is one of my favorites.  It describes my boys perfectly.  When choosing a wall decal, choose wisely.  Some can be pretty tacky.  Try Urban Walls.  A few of my friends know the owner of this growing business.  She is a very stylish person and makes amazing wall decals!
On to other things….
Just another quick peak of a major reno I worked on in North Vancouver.  This awesome family added a third floor into their home and lived to tell about it (barely) Ha!
The bed is Stylus and the night stands are my favorite – from Redford House.
Im just waiting for the pics of my new house, and I’ll be sure to share.  So stay tuned for my next post!
See ya

May 5, 2012 - 10:44 am Husband - I am bitter.

May 5, 2012 - 10:52 am Margot Maines - HI Lisa~! love these. I absolutely adore the pieces of fabric stretched out over the embroidery looms/frames; very effective and positively gorgeous. The North Van bdrm you did with the Stylus bed etcetera--wowowowow--there needs to be more light in bedrooms, I think. Too much dark wood I find makes for too somber a place of rest. What an exquisite job you did on that bdrm. My paternal grandmother had all antique white heirloom bdrm furniture in it ~ loved that room. I appreciate your eye for detail; you are incredibly talented!

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