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Final Reveal

I love, love, love….. my new home.  I feel blessed yet totally unworthy of it.  Im thankful my husband agreed to it, and excited my kids get to grow up here.  And yet it is just a home, and my true joy lies in the people I share it with.

Here are some pictures that were taken by my talented friend of Redhanded Photography.  The first pictures are of the great room where we truly live.  I designed the house in a way that all the mess stays out of the main living area, and is contained in the basement, or mud room.  So far this is working really well.  I find the house quite easy to keep tidy.  It helps that everything has a place to go.

This was one of the first pieces I designed.






Here is how it turned out:  I am thrilled with it.  I laboured a long time over the tile.  It was a less expensive version of what i really wanted.  I really stressed over the “cracks” in the tile.  But you don’t even notice them.  And it adds to the natural look of the stone.


The butcher block on one of the island is a perfect spot to place all my veggies, wash them and cut them up.  Then all the scraps can go down the garborator in the sink.  It is very practical.


This is what the kids call the “computer lab”.  It is a space off of the kitchen for the kitchen to do their homework or play on the computer.  It is also handy for me to check my email or look up recipes. The budget ran out in this room, but I am thrilled with the results.  The floating shelves were super cheap at Home Depot.  The drawers again, a great deal at IKEA.  I had wanted solid surface countertops in here, but we ended up with butcher block from IKEA which was a fraction of the cost.  This room overlooks is bright and cheery and overlooks the pool and covered deck.  The kids are close by so that I can moniter their computer use!


Our sanctuary.  I didn’t really think we would spend much time in here until our kids are older and take over more of the house with their friends.  But once the kids are in bed, and their backpacks packed… we end up in bed reading or watching tv.  We love this room.

It was important that our closet was seperate from the bedroom so that when one of us gets up early or goes to bed late we don’t disrupt the other by coming in and out of the bedroom.  So everything is stored either in the bathroom or closet.  Ron even came up with the idea of having an exit from the closet to the hall so that once up you never have to go back into the bedroom.  Can you tell Ron doesn’t like his beauty sleep disturbed?

Living Room

Dining Room

The utility rooms:  So important!

Kids side of the mud room:

Our side:

So there you have it.  A few more rooms to show you.  But you I figure I’ll do another post – this one is getting long!  Hope you enjoyed the peak into our home.


June 12, 2012 - 2:30 pm Erica - Amazing! The pictures are great and I have to add that the house is even better in person... must be due in part to the persons who live there. ;) Congrats on your wonderful home!

April 20, 2014 - 8:58 am Nicole - I love the colours in the fabrics you chose for your kitchen and great room! Can you share the details on the striped fabric you used at your kitchen banquette??

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